It’s a privilege to be a therapist. Often, I received emails from my clients to thank me. As much as I appreciated the compliments, I am the one who needs to thank my clients who allowed me to be part of their life, to witness their journey, and to see them move on to the next stage of their lives.

Here are some of the comments from the previous clients. You can leave your comments below if you wish to share your experiences with me with my future clients.
Thank You for allowing me to be part of your life journey.


Anonymous Wife #1:

“It’s extremely difficult to put into words my intense feelings of gratitude for the opportunity you gave to me and my husband. To say you have saved us is an understatement. Our lives have never been closer. Our understanding of the other and what they need has never been more clear. And, our ability to show the other love and admiration has never been stronger. We are lucky to have found you and to have received your help. I cannot thank you enough!

Thank you again.. I really cannot tell you how much those 3 days have changed the course of our lives and our relationship.”

Anonymous Husband:

“We appreciate your support over the last several months and are in a good place now. Again, thank you for being there for us!”

Anonymous Wife #2: 

We have been doing really good in all areas :). It has been such a huge turnaround and we owe so much of it to you. Thank you so much.”


Grace is excellent! You can tell she’s genuine and nonjudgmental.”


Mini Talk Series: Combat Veteran Adjustment Issue

Serving my country was my dream. Who would have thought coming home would be this hard when I grew up in this country?!

Homecoming and Transition to the Civilian Life
Combat Experiences and Mental Health Issues
Relationship issues

First Wednesday of Every Month, 6:30-8pm
11/3/2015: Military Culture, Combat Experiences, and Homecoming
12/2/2015:PTSD and its impact on the combat veterans
1/6/2016: PTSD and its impact on the family relationship
2/3/2016: PTSD and its impact on the couple relationship
3/2/2016: PTSD and Suicide Prevention

Where: New England Veterans Liberty House
 6th Floor Conference Room Suite 2
 599 Canal Street
 Lawrence, MA 01841

Who: Open to all the combat veterans, their significant others and anyone who cares about our veterans.

POC: J.T. Torress at 978-258-2331

Speaker: Grace Chen, PhD, LMFT