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New Year, New Boundary (Part 2)

You don’t have to give up your virtue or your value. However, you need to gain the ability to protect your boundary. I am asking you to define your boundary so that people can respect how you want to be treated.

Couple, Depression/Anxiety, Training Notes

Divorce, Co-Parenting, and Mental Health

It is essential to know the symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. When your experiences/emotions go beyond your can manage, seek help. Your feelings might be situational due to divorce. However, if you don’t take action to take care of your mental health, it might turn into chronic issues that will, in turn, cause your personal and your children’s wellbeing.

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Divorce & Co-Parenting

Even when you have conflicts with your spouse, you still need to invest time with your children. Don’t give up your relationship with your children just because you don’t think you can “win” the argument with your spouse on the parenting issues. When your children respect you and have a good relationship with you, it might not change your couple relationship but certainly, benefit your co-parenting relationship, in the long run, no matter you stay together or not.

Couple, Depression/Anxiety, Training Notes

Depression and Marital Satisfaction

You cannot take it too personally. You have to take it personal enough to care. However, you can’t take it too personally that all you do is to react to your spouse with emotional retaliation.

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Family Life Cycle and Couple Relationship: What Does Cedar Cove Teach Us (Part 3)

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Divorce Process in Massachusetts

As a couple's therapist, I would never tell anyone to get a divorce. I do believe that you can fall "out" of love and can fall "in" love again. Love is an emotion and you can find that emotion again. An intimate relationship is more than just emotions. Staying in the relationship is a choice.… Continue reading Divorce Process in Massachusetts