‘Love Yourself”: “I am exhausted!”

“So, how long is this (therapy) going to take?” I am often asked by the clients with the above question. Some of the clients who asked this question because they have not been in therapy before and needed to get an idea about this process. On the other hands, some of the clients have been… Continue reading ‘Love Yourself”: “I am exhausted!”


“Love Yourself”: What Does that Even Mean?

Yes, my dear readers, one of the true meanings of “love myself” is not about love. "Love myself" is about compassion towards oneself. It is about being able to look at yourself in the mirror at your worst moment in life and say to yourself: “Even though I hate all of those horrible decisions you made, I will forgive you.” “No matter what happened, I will never abandon you and hate you.”


Five Steps to Take Instead of Saying “Stop Feeling This Way”: “To Do” vs “To Be” (Part I)

I had a very rough summer this year. This summer, two of the elders in my family passed away. I struggled to balance my life in the US while returning to Taiwan to be with my surviving family members and to say goodbye to my deceased family members. As the summer rolled out and the… Continue reading Five Steps to Take Instead of Saying “Stop Feeling This Way”: “To Do” vs “To Be” (Part I)


[Anxiety] Everything Works out in the End

If my brain is like a car, the thought would be the gas and the meditation would be the break. Every single minute, my brain keeps pumping the gas with processing all the thoughts. After a while, my brain is like a car on the freeway racing like 500miles/hour.

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[Depression & Anxiety] Five Useful Apps and to help with Meditation

In the month of June, I have shared the articles about meditation and its effectiveness in helping the racing thoughts in depression and anxiety on my Facebook Page. It prompts me to think about sharing with you the apps I had used to help me with my meditation when I first started meditating. So, here… Continue reading [Depression & Anxiety] Five Useful Apps and to help with Meditation


[Depression & Anxiety] Just One More Step

Do you have the same experience, hearing your “Be perfect Self" beating you down? After a while, this part of you will start to eat your true self away, and the “Giving Up Self" takes away your identity. Then, it leads to depressive mood because “I can’t get anything done!” It also leads to anxiety because “I am not sure if I can do it.”