Couple’s Retreat: Weekend Intensive Couple Therapy

“We are just like roommates.”

“We have been stuck in a rut for a while!”

“The distance between us is so huge for another person to come in!”

We have gone through couple’s therapy for many months but all we talked about are problems with no improvement!”

If your relationship bank account is overdrawn for a while, paying the minimum payment (weekly session) is like paying a dent in the debt!

Week-end intensive couple therapy is like paying more than the minimum in order to get ahead with your debt.

Give Each Other 2 and 1/2 Days. Catch Up and Keep Up.

How does this work?

One weekend, 14.5 hours of couple therapy = 4 months of therapy 

Couple’s Retreat Schedule

Prior to arrival: Assessment online

Friday: 1-3pm, couple relationship history interview

              3-5 pm individual assessment

Saturday9:30-11am: assessment feedback & treatment goals for the weekend

                   11 to 12:30pm, 1:30 to 4:30pm: couple therapy

Sunday9:30-12:30pm:  couple therapy

                1:30 to 3pm: future planning

Couple’s Retreat Fees: $3500

  • The fee DOES NOT include food and/or lodging.
  • Pre-retreat assessment consist of individual background information, individual psychological screening questionnaires, and 480 research-based questions from the Gottman Institute over 30-years research. It can provide the much more accurate diagnose your relationship issues in order to develop treatment plans that fit with your needs.
  • Pre-retreat questionnaires fee and scoring are included in the retreat fees

Ready to take the action?

Next Available Retreat Dates:

Due to personal training schedule in 2020, I will not be able to provide the couple’s treat in 2020. The schedule for 2021 will be announced later in the year.

Fill out the following form and let me know which weekend works for you. I will contact you to finalize the retreat details. 


4 thoughts on “Couple’s Retreat: Weekend Intensive Couple Therapy”

  1. It’s extremely difficult to put into words my intense feelings of gratitude for the opportunity you gave to me and my husband. To say you have saved us is an understatement. Our lives have never been closer. Our understanding of the other and what they need has never been more clear. And, our ability to show the other love and admiration has never been stronger. We are lucky to have found you and to have received your help. I cannot thank you enough!

    Thank you again.. I really cannot tell you how much those 3 days have changed the course of our lives and our relationship.

    1. I am really glad that I can be helpful to you and your relationship. It takes a lot of courage to be honest with yourself and each other and to face the challenges in the relationships. It is much easier to walk away and to start over again. So, the credits are all yours and I am privileged to be able to guide you along the process.

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