COVID-19 Special Page

Covid-19 Page


For some unknown reasons, when the pandemic started, I thought it was necessary for me to keep track of my experiences and my observation of my clients’ experiences during the pandemic. So, I started to keep track of my experiences at the end of each week. What you are about to read here is a series of weekly journal documenting my personal experiences and my reflection on my work with my clients.





My Office Response to COVID-19 Pandemic 

COVID-19 Pandemic Frequently Asked Questions

EMDR Telehealth Setup at home

Weekly Journal

Week 1 (3/16-3/20/2020) Journal

Week 2 (3/23 to 3/27) Journal

Week 3 (3/30 to 4/3) Journal

Week 4 (4/6 to 4/10) Journal

Week 5 (4/13 to 4/17) Journal

Week 6 (4/20 to 4/24) Journal

Week 7 (4/27 to 5/1) Journal

Week 8 (5/4 to 5/8) Journal

Week 9 (5/11 to 5/15) Journal

Week 10 (5/18 to 5/22) Journal

Week 11 (5/25 to 5/29) Journal

Week 12 (6/1 to 6/5) Journal


Stress Reaction — Stress Eating

Stress Reaction- Overthinking

Crisis—- A Dangerous Opportunity


Suicide Hotlines

How to Actually Have a Successful Teletherapy Appointment

Love in the Time of Coronavirus—6 Tips to Protect Your Marriage While Quarantined

Coping with Uncertainty During COVID-19

Why the Increase in Domestic Violence During COVID-19?

How COVID-19 may increase domestic violence and child abuse