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I am Dr. Grace Chen, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Heal Trauma, Change Pattern, Find Purpose and Fulfillment, Transform Life Path & Relationship

Life is not the way it’s supposed to be; it’s the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.
~ Virginia Satir

Individual Therapy

I specialized in working with individuals who suffered from depression, anxiety,  post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and individuals with a trauma history.

Couples Therapy

I specialize in couples who experienced conflicts and infidelity recovery. I strive to help the couples to establish a secure attachment with each other.


I offer mentoring in the training programs, clinicians-in-training or newly licensed, and consultation for those who need support in multicultural perspectives.

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About Dr Chen

Welcome to my website

I am Dr. Grace Chen, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I specialized in working with individuals who suffered from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and couples who experienced conflicts and infidelity recovery. 

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I see mental health issues from relationship lenses. That is, I see the mental health issues are the symptoms of relationship problems. My specialty areas are working with adults suffering from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Trauma Recovery as individuals or as a couple.

I am an attachment-oriented therapist. With attachment as the foundation of my therapy approach, the primary goal for therapy is to help the individual or couples transform their childhood insecure attachment orientation to the functioning secure attachment in adulthood.

My Specialities

EMDR & Gottman's Model

I am a certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) therapist. EMDR is my primary treatment model (with attachment as a foundation) when working with clients with trauma history. 

Drs. John and Julie Gottman’s model (Gottman’s Model) are my frameworks when conceptualizing the couple’s relationship issues. My specialty areas are working with couples in communication, conflict resolution, and infidelity recovery. As a Taiwanese immigrant, I am a bilingual (English and Mandarin Chinese) and bi-cultural (American and Chinese/Asian) therapist. I have also been working with immigrant couples and couples who come from two different cultures.

Room With Grey Walls
As a therapist, I am a companion. I try to help people tune into their own wisdom.
~ Virginia Satir
My goal is


My overarching goal for therapy is TRANSFORMATION. I believe that change is not enough as a goal for psychotherapy. We can all make changes today and change back tomorrow. I think that the goal for psychotherapy is transformation.

Once transformed, you can walk onto a different path towards a meaningful and joyful life with a sense of fulfillment and joy.

EMDR Certified TherapistAAMFT Clinical Fellow

Personal fulfillment

We All Deserve Joy

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Let’s collaborate to get you back on the journey of your life that is satisfied, meaningful, and fulfilled.

If you are going through the feelings described above, I want to help you (and your partner). I genuinely believe that no one should cry in the dark corner, and we all deserve to live with a sense of joy, contentment, and fulfillment. 

I want to walk you out of your aloneness and darkness, transform you into the person you desire to be, and share your life with your partner in a harmonious rhythm.


Sweet Words From Clients

Anonymous Wife #1

“It’s extremely difficult to put into words my intense feelings of gratitude for the opportunity you gave to me and my husband. To say you have saved us is an understatement. Our lives have never been closer. Our understanding of the other and what they need has never been more clear. And, our ability to show the other love and admiration has never been stronger. We are lucky to have found you and to have received your help. I cannot thank you enough! Thank you again.. I really cannot tell you how much those 3 days have changed the course of our lives and our relationship.”

Anonymous Husband # 1

“We appreciate your support over the last several months and are in a good place now. Again, thank you for being there for us!”

Anonymous Wife #2

“We have been doing really good in all areas :). It has been such a huge turnaround and we owe so much of it to you. Thank you so much.”

Anonymous # 1

“Grace is excellent! You can tell she’s genuine and nonjudgmental.”

Anonymous # 2

“Grace is so kind and understanding and made me feel right at ease from the beginning. She has helped me deal with some of my worst triggers via EMDR therapy, and just is a great listener in general who imparts loads of valuable insight. Much like a big sister to me. Thank you, Grace."

Anonymous #3

"Working with Grace was a series of experiences that I will treasure forever. She earned my trust faster than any other clinician had. I could tell she really cared for this journey that we took together. She had incredible insight and was constantly looking to grow herself in order to better help her clients."

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dr. Chen's Corner

I do offer 15-min consultation. You don't have to make an appointment. Please call between 12-1 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday if you wish to have a phone consultation to determine whether my service fits your needs. 

1. Currently, I only see fully vaccinated clients for the office visit. I only offer Telehealth to the clients whose physical location are in Massachusetts in the extreme situation such as weather conditions or urgent situation that prevent them from coming to the office. 

2. You can call @ 978-482-7480, email me @ gracechen@drgracechenlmft.com, or use the inquiry box below to send me the inquiry message. 

3. Please identify your name, phone # and email message in your inquiry. If you have a specific date and time that works better for you, I will try to accommodate except Mondays. I will send my available time for the next two weeks for you to pick and choose what might work for you.

4. Once we have a date and time for the intake, I will send you a link via email to fill out all the intake paperwork online. Therefore, I will also need your email address and phone number to set up an account for you. You fill out the paperwork at least a day before the appointment so that I can review them before our session.

5. You show up at the time of your appointment.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.
I only accept fully vaccinated clients for the in-person office sessions. 

My fee schedule is as follows:
Initial intake assessment: $180/hour
Ongoing Therapy sessions: $160/hour

I am an out-of-network provider. I do not work with the insurance company directly.

You can consider the following options other than the insurance options:
1) you have the flexible spending account (FSA) or health spending account (HSA), you can pay the session fee with your flexible spending account (copays and individual therapy);
2) if you have a PPO plan with the "out-of-network" benefit, I can also give you the receipt to file the reimbursement from your insurance company. This is an excellent way to choose the provider you want without being limited by the insurance company. I can walk you through the steps to file the out-of-network benefit on your own.

For Couple therapy clients:
For the couple's therapy, the insurance reimbursement might be tricky. Insurance companies reimburse for "medical necessity," meaning an identified client, a mental health diagnosis, and treatment evidence to improve the identified client's mental health.

Most couples seek communication and conflict resolution from therapy for different reasons (such as co-parenting, finance, infidelity, etc.). To focus on the couple's communication and relationship, the treatment goals and plans are more likely NOT about the individual mental health issues but the interaction between partners.

I highly recommend that you call your insurance company and ask for the following information before you contact me if you do plan to use the insurance for the couple's therapy:

"Do my insurance plan cover CPT Code 980847 (family therapy with patient present) with Diagnose code Z 63.0 (Problems in relationship with spouse or partner)?"

Each session is 50 minutes.

Usually, the counseling is one session a week unless there is an emergency.

 If you are using the insurance, the insurance coverage is usually once a week.

Please click this page for the definition of out-of-network benefit.

If you are considering out-of-network options but not sure whether your insurance benefit, please call the 1-800 number on your insurance card and ask the following questions:
 1) Is my plan a PPO plan covering out-of-network benefits??
 2) If it is, how many percentages will it cover me?
 3) Will it cover both Telehealth and in-person, or just one of them?
 4) For individual therapy, will my insurance cover CPT codes 90837 and 90834 or just 90834 for individual therapy?
   For couple therapy, will my insurance cover CPT code 90847 with Diagnose Code Z 63.0?
 5) How do I file for the reimbursement? Is there a fax number, online filing, or mail address?

I can arrange the initial intake sessions within two weeks when I have available time to accept new clients. But, mainly, the motivation to participate in therapy for change is the highest when a client calls for a therapy appointment. 

However, there is no way to predict the duration of a client's therapy process, making it hard to predict when I will have openings for the clients on the waiting list. 

In addition, a waiting list is a binding contract with the clients. As a therapist, it means that I will have to safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of the clients while agreeing to contact the clients when there is a time slot becoming available. However, a potential client's mental health or relationship might deteriorate while waiting to be seen. 

Therefore, I don't have a waiting list for legal and ethical reasons. However, please feel free to check back with me later if you wish to do so. 

The answer is NO. I don't mix and match the individual and couple's therapy. It's a conflict of interests. Once I start seeing someone as an individual, I don't work with them as a couple except when the individual client is in a dangerous situation, such as suicide, and requires support from the spouse for extra support.

The reason for doing this is this: the couple relationship itself requires the therapist to stay connected and be trustworthy to both partners. Once I start seeing a person individually, we form a bond without the partner. Once the partner joins, it will make the partner feels as if I am aligned with my client before them. I don't mix and match the couple and individual therapy work to work for your relationship.

When I see a couple, I provide them the individual sessions if there is a need to do so, but I will see both partners individually to balance out my time with each partner.

Counseling is usually once a week and 50-minute per session. It depends on the issues you bring in to decide how long it will take for you to be in counseling. At the beginning of the counseling, I suggest that you come in as regularly as possible (once a week) for the first months because we need to get to know each other, assess your issue, and develop the treatment goals. Then, we can decide the frequency of the counseling and the duration of the counseling.

Usually, after a month, my clients often expressed "feeling better." I described this as "calming down from the crisis." However, the real work of change starts here. From here, you might go through some ups and downs with your issue before you reach a "new equilibrium" of your psychological or relationship status. This might take a year or longer for some people who experienced complex trauma. For some sudden life crises, this might be a little bit shorter. Therefore, it all depends on the issues and the duration this issue has been going on. For more information, please check my individual therapy and couple therapy page.

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