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Consultation and Supervision

Throughout the years, I have offered supervision and mentoring in the training programs, clinicians-in-training or newly licensed, and consultation for the clinicians who need support in multicultural perspectives. 

My supervision and consultation model is to assist the clinician in transforming from stuck to opportunity. My training and supervision experiences open my eyes to see the clinician’s internal attachment style and the client’s attachment style. For example, I am a person with an anxious-attachment style, and therefore, I often tend to rescue clients when they are in pain. Or, when the clients are avoiding the emotions, I get frustrated or doubt my ability.

Through understanding my attachment style, I can work with clients without unconsciously falling into the same trap. I also have been able to interact with close friends and family with secure attachment approaches after understanding my attachment style. Therefore, I have always seen the clinician’s psychological growth and the client’s healing journey as an inseparable and transformative process.

I offer three different supervision and consultation services:

Consultation for EMDR certification

I offer both individual and group consultation for clinicians who completed basic training.


I offer both individual and group supervision for clinician-in-training or experienced clinicians.

Multicultural Counseling Consultant

I offer both individual and group consultation for clinicians who completed basic training.


Consultation for EMDR Certification

After practicing EMDR for six years, I am taking the next step to becoming a certified consultant. Currently, I am a consultant-in-training (CIT).

Many clinicians who finished EMDR the first weekend or basic training never used this again for many reasons. I often hear about the following three obstacles


“I feel overwhelmed” in applying the protocol to different clients with different needs based on the basic 8-phase protocol.


“I feel uncertain” how to integrate EMDR in the day-to-day practice. Many experienced clinicians who have had their clinical styles often found it challenging to incorporate into their familiar working processor to introduce EMDR to their existing clients.


“I feel defeated” in applying EMDR to work with complex trauma.

I offer both individual and group consultation for clinicians who seek to be certified for EMDR.

Before I completed my basic training in May 2016, I had already had experience working with clients with Complex PTSD and gone through different pieces of training. I found myself experiencing all the issues listed above.

What helped me was individual and group consultation. After my basic training, I first joined a group consultation led by Dr. Debbie Korn for three years. I also started my consultation with Barry Litt, LMFT, and was certified by him in 2019.

Currently, I continue to seek consultation from him every other week. He is also my consultant for my consultant in the training process. 

I hope my experiences working with clients with complex trauma while integrating EMDR into my practice will help clinicians who seek to integrate EMDR into their practice. 

As a clinician who wishes to become EMDRIA certified clinician, your first step is to complete EMDR basic training. Once you complete the basic training, you must complete 50 EMDR clinical sessions with 20 hours of consultation. You can complete 15 of your 20 hours with a consultant-in-training. As a CIT, I offered a reduced fee for clinicians who are getting their certification.

I offer both individual and group consultations. I offer two different group consultation in order to accommodate the consulate’s different EMDR training stages. The first one is a small group of four people, and the second one is the triad of two participants with myself. The small group of four people is a closed group with the same participants for 5 sessions. The triad group can be arranged based on the needs of the participants on the weekly, every other week or monthly. An individual consultation can be scheduled as needed based on the individual needs. Each session is 50-minute.


  • Small group consultation: $50/2hr for each person, four consults, closed group and 5 sessions of each group cycle ($100/10hrs/5 sessions/each person).
  • Triad group consultation: 40/hr, two consultees  
  • Individual consultation: $75/session


General Supervision

I started my career as a trained individual therapist in 1996. After working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse for six years, I decided to return to school for more marriage and family therapy training. Mainly, I wanted to receive training in a systemic perspective to understand the impact of family systems.

I have utilized individual and group supervision throughout the years to help myself grow into my therapy style and refine my clinical skills. However, in many conversations with my students and colleagues, I often heard clinicians communicating a sense of isolation and uncertainty about their clinical work.

I offer individual and group supervision for clinician-in-training or independently licensed clinician who wishes to use clinical supervision to:

Broaden individual perspective to prevent blindspot and countertransference

Develop and shape clinical therapy approaches

Discover and grow personal niche as a therapist

Work through cases that feel stuck and burned out

I offer both individual and group supervision for clinician-in-training or experienced clinicians.

The group consultation is limited to 3 people for 1 hour or six people for 2 hours. Or, an individual consultation can be scheduled as needed for 50-min/session.


  • Group consultation, $50/hr for each person with a minimum of 3 people
  • Individual consultation: $150/session


Consultant for Multicultural Counseling 

As an immigrant from Taiwan and a relational therapist, many clients from Asian cultures often approached me for individual or couple therapy.

In addition, many Asian Americans whose parents immigrated from Asia also wish to find an Asian therapist who can understand their struggles in their American upbringing with Asian expectations.


  • Group consultation, $50/hr for 3 people
  • Individual consultation: $150/hr

“As a therapist, I am a companion. I try to help people tune into their own wisdom.”
~ Virginia Satir

I have integrated my Chinese Culture training (I was a Chinese Major!) and my counseling training to help Asian clients work towards resolving their conflicted feelings from two different cultures; and, as a result, to find a comfortable relationship with their parents, partners, and oneself as an Asian American.

In the consultation and supervision groups or continuing education training, I have heard many colleagues say to me: “Oh, wow, that does make sense now that you explained the cultural aspect and expectations to me.” I offer individual and group consultation to a non-Asian therapist who wishes to use the consultation to: 


Understand the nuances of Asian history and cultural expectations on the individual behaviors


Decipher the differences between the Asian and US culture and the impact on the attachment development and parent-child relationship


Sensitive to the cultural expectations while facilitating Asian clients’ psychological growth

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