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[Podacst of the Week][12/3/18] Angry? Try Loving Kindness

pow120318Anger is one of the seven innate emotions. (Anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, trust, and joy are seven innate/primary emotions, meaning, not learned). Anger is also commonly seen feelings in the therapy room. Many clients said: “I don’t like myself getting angry.” Many spouses said: “I don’t talk to my partner because he/she gets angry.”

Somehow, we can’t avoid anger because it’s an innate, but we don’t like angry responses because it pushes people and ourselves away.  Continue reading “[Podacst of the Week][12/3/18] Angry? Try Loving Kindness”


Change your thoughts doesn’t necessarily lead to change your feelings.

change thoughts change feelings

If you google the effectiveness of “XXXX” (depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., just put in any symptoms), you will found tons of articles finding the evidence supporting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I also have many clients told me that they had received CBT for years. 

“However, it did make sense when I talked to my therapist, but I just can’t make myself feel differently.” ~ my clients said. 

Why? Shouldn’t you feel “better” if “it makes sense” after the talk therapy?

Does change how you see things really change how you feel?

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Five Steps to Take Instead of Saying “Stop Feeling This Way”: “To Do” vs “To Be” (Part I)

tobe1I had a very rough summer this year. This summer, two of the elders in my family passed away. I struggled to balance my life in the US while returning to Taiwan to be with my surviving family members and to say goodbye to my deceased family members.

As the summer rolled out and the fall rolls in, I can’t help but feeling exhaustion. Death and dying always teach me something about myself and life. It reminds me how I often focused on the things I need “to do” and forget how “to be” with my loved ones. It also reminded me that there are many things in life, such as death, is not about what “to do” but how “to be.”

It got me to think about “to be” vs. “to do” and how it works in one’s relationship with oneself and his/her partner.

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