going home 2017

[Going Home 2017] Epilogue

Apparently, I really have a lot to say in my brain. I had thought about finishing this series with this story but uncertain whether it is too personal to share it or not. One day, I was talking to a friend who gave me a compliment about my work. She said: “you must feel good that your work is to help people.” I said to her: “no, not really, I mean, I am very privilege to be part of my clients’ transformation process. They invited me to go into their lives and to see their transformation. It’s a sacred process and I am honored to be part of that process. It’s quite a privilege.”

So, this is the final piece to conclude this series.

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going home 2017

[Going Home 2017]Prelude

img_3408I was away for few weeks, back to Taiwan to spend the Chinese New Year with my family. Now, I am back.

I grew up in Taiwan and received all my education from K-12 to college in Taiwan. After college, I came to the US to pursue an advanced degree in Counseling. After receiving my Master Degree in Counseling, I worked in Taiwan for about 6 years before I came back to the U.S. again to pursue my PhD. in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2003.

I have traveled and forth since then. In the past 6 years, because of the job change and many different reasons, I haven’t had any opportunity to go home. This year, I was very lucky to get to go home and spent the Chinese New Year (the year of Rooster) with my family.

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