[Myth about Sexual Abuse # 1]–“What Does A Perpetrator Look Like?”

ideal perpetrator

At the end of 2016, I wrote this article about the sexual abuse and sexual assault with a heavy heart. Now, we are at the end of 2017 with a very different atmosphere. Many of my clients told me that they feel very empowered with so many victims coming forward and receiving support from the public.

I am happy to see the changes in the society to support the victims. If I have learned one thing about sexual assault, that is: there are two injuries to the victims, from the perpetrator and from the people who doubted the victims. Like so many victims coming forward and so many people condemning the perpetrators, all the victims get a sense of hope that they can share their stories without being judged. It also allows the future victims who can openly report the crime without covering it up.

I still remembered that “defining moment” when I made this decision: “I want to work with the survivors of sexual abuse.” It was the winter of 1996. I was a young graduate student in my early 20s. I had done the research paper on the issues of childhood sexual abuse in another class. So, in that class, I decided to “find out” what happened when these children became adults.

In the past 20 years, I have learned to work with the adult survivors of sexual abuse. I have dedicated my entire doctoral training to figure out how to work with adult survivors of sexual abuse and their partners. In this process, I also have learned that an essential part of the job pertaining this issue called sexual assault is the advocacy, de-mystify the myth of the sexual abuse.

So, this is a series of articles dedicated to my clients who are the survivors of the sexual assault. Thank you for allowing to be in your life and to see your recovery process.

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