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EMDR and Mindfulness/Meditation (Part II)

EMDR and Meditation After coming back from my 2nd EMDR training, I got very…

EMDR and Mindfulness/Meditation (Part I)

Prologue I started my EMDR training in September 2015 hoping that this treatment method…

Family Life Cycle & Couple Relationship: What Does Cedar Cove Teach Us? (Part 1)

Overview of the characters discussed in this series is briefly described here.  Family Life…

Cedar Cove to Couple Relationships (Prologue)

I love to read and love to “analyze” the plots and the characters using…

Combat Veterans and PTSD

This is my second appearance to the Veteran Serves Veterans with JT Torress. The…

The Heroes Behind the Heroes

This Veteran’s Day, I ask you to take a few minutes to thank the…


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