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The Cost of Marital Counseling vs. Divorce (Part 2)

Let’s look at Couple B.

(The story of the Couple A is here.)

The husband called me two weeks before they were going to finalize the divorce He sounded anxious on the phone and asked me: “is it normal that I have the doubt whether I really give my best to try to save my marriage? We have 5 kids and 3 grandkids, and have been married for 25 years. Do we give up too easily?”

Let’s take the look of the number again. I saw the couple for 2 hours for the first session and individually (an hour each, 2 hours total), and 2 hours a session for the following month (4 sessions). Then we cut down to 1.5 hours for the second month (4 sessions), and every other week for the third month, and one final session on the fourth month. So, that is the total of 19.5 hours.

19.5 hours x $140/hr = 2730.

I didn’t ask them how much they paid for their divorce attorney. However, I knew that they were so happy that, with their combined financial resources, they get to do so many things together with their children, that were not possible during those 2 years of separation.

I know that because I was helping to them to discuss their frustration with the financial responsibility during their marriage. By all means that you shouldn’t stay together juts because of the financial reasons. However, at the end of the session, the shared with me that, they are happier together as a person, as a couple, and as a family. The walk-away point for them is: there are up and down in life and in marriage. Next time, we will come sooner and get it “back on track” before it goes too far away.

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(to be continued…. I promise that I will end my thoughts in the next entry….)

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