COVID- 19 Week 2 (3/23 to 3/27) Journal


week 2Moving int the 2nd week (3/23 to 3/27), the Governor shut down the essential business on 3/24, and the news announced on 3/23. I started to call all the clients and to prepare for the shutting down of my practice. About 4 hours later, I finally got the news that my office is considered an essential business, and I am able to see clients in person.

This week is chaotic. “Flexible” is the word I have been keeping in mind. I had to constant adjust my schedule and my work. This is not easy for me because I have always had a routine. Suddenly, my life is unpredictable and I am not sure what would happen next.

What’s worst for me was uncertain whether to completely closing down the office. I know that it’s important for me to remain open to some clients who really need this time for some reason. I almost had nightmares everynight.

I would wake up from hearing some clients told me: “it’s all your fault that I am in the hospital because I can’t see you in person.”

After falling into sleep again, I would wake up from another nightmare of the news headline says: “x number of people contracted COVID-19 at Dr. Grace Chen’s Office!”

I continued to struggle with the balance of seeing clients face-to-face or via Telehealth. Then, I realized that I can ask my friends’ help. I consulted some of my friends who are doctors and psychologists working in the hospital in Taiwan. They provided me their guidelines and criteria to screen the clients before the meetings, which allows me to come up with some gudelines for myself. (Please see my office response to COVID-19 and screening criteria.) 


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