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Stress Reaction- Overthinking

C9E6B3FC-1211-465B-AC05-0EE562000D52_4_5005_cI sprained my ankle last week. Yeah, I know, right? How can this happen?

The answer is: I was too occupied with everything going on. When I got a chance to go out for a run, I was thinking about everything I needed to do and moving my schedule and tasks around my head. So, I didn’t see the stones on the road and by the time I was on the ground, it was too late.

It took me a good minute to finally got up. Luckily, I was only a mile away from home and it wasn’t too difficult to drag my bump ankle home.


So, in the past five days, all I can do was got up, plan my day, meditate, and work. I started to feel my mood sour and tank after so many days just sitting around.

Being an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapist, I know it’s important I cope with the stress bottom up (meaning not from my head but with my body). This morning, I decided to do some yoga. I did about 15 minutes of Sun Salutation and about a minute of Toe Stretches to stretch out my sprained ankle.

Here is the link for the Sun Salutation, a very easy one.

Here are the YouTube Yoga website I commonly visited for your reference.

Here are the appts for meditation I often used to help me calm dwon with my anxiety.

I felt great when I looked at the sun rise outside of my window while I saluted to the Sun.

Overthinking? Maybe moving around your body for about 10-15 minutes will be helpful.

Now, onward with our day. May your day be healthy and safe.

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[Podacst of the Week][12/3/18] Angry? Try Loving Kindness

pow120318Anger is one of the seven innate emotions. (Anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, trust, and joy are seven innate/primary emotions, meaning, not learned). Anger is also commonly seen feelings in the therapy room. Many clients said: “I don’t like myself getting angry.” Many spouses said: “I don’t talk to my partner because he/she gets angry.”

Somehow, we can’t avoid anger because it’s an innate, but we don’t like angry responses because it pushes people and ourselves away.  Continue reading “[Podacst of the Week][12/3/18] Angry? Try Loving Kindness”


[Anxiety] Everything Works out in the End

Last Saturday (7/17) was a usual morning. I turned on my laptop to check if there were any important messages before I went for a quick run. To my surprise, the monitor of my MacBook covered with lines that caused me not able to log in. I immediately went into a panic mode. After turning the machine on and off for several times, I knew it was hopeless. So, I started to search the Apple support website and YouTube via my phone. After checking different videos for about 30 minutes, I decided the only way to solve this was to bring the machine to the Apple Store. TODAY!!!!!!
At this moment, I can feel myself lose all the will power to go for a run. I sat there and thought to myself: “What can I do? There is nothing I can do to fix my MacBook at this moment.” I felt powerless. I decided to take a shower to calm down, and if not, I will meditate to see if I can calm my anxiety brain.
Thirty-minutes later, after thinking through all the backup plans and all the implications of losing the computer for a day or a week, I sat in my chair and tried to meditate but I can’t. So, I gave up and turn on the podcast. Today, I decided to check out the Getting Things Done (GTD) podcast.
In the podcast, Mr. Allen, the founder of the GTD was talking about the fundamental principle of GTD. He said:
“GTD is to pay attention to the behaviors that get us on the right track…… What makes for the better day than the others?”
I sat there and started to think about this morning. I realized that, as much as I went through some panic mode, I wasn’t completely lost it as I would be five years ago. Evidence? I started to focus on what I can do instead of staying the panic mode.
So, what’s different? What behaviors got me on the right track?

Five years ago, I would have completely lost my control over my emotions and started to pace around in the house. I remembered how I used to need to have all the control to have my day went as I planned. If anything went wrong, I would go into a panic mode and unable to calm me down.
So, what’s different?
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[Depression & Anxiety] Useful Apps and to help with Meditation

Apps for meditation

First Published on 6/30/2017

Updated on 9/2/2019

In the month of June 2017, I have shared the articles about meditation and its effectiveness in helping the racing thoughts in depression and anxiety on my Facebook Page. It prompts me to think about sharing with you the apps I had used to help me with my meditation when I first started meditating.

Research have found meditation very helpful with coping depression, anxiety, and trauma. I also added the articles in the end of this entry if you are interested in further reading about the impact of meditation and coping with depression, anxiety and yoga.

So, here are some apps I have tried:

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