Words of Wisdom from my Successful Couple: “Can Our Relationship Make it?” (III)




As a therapist, I don’t often know the “outcome” of the clients after the termination of the therapy. I only have the information as to how the clients were doing when the session ended but how my clients afterward, I don’t often know.

This past weekend, I have a privilege to spend the weekend with a couple whom I worked with a few years ago. This meeting was the third time we spent the weekend together. It was such a humbling experience to me that I have to write this down to share with you. I see this as my “lesson learned from my successful couple.” Click to read this Journey # 1 and Journey # 2.

Lesson # 3: Self as a Therapist
I walked away from this weekend feeling very humbled and privileged. I am so lucky to get to see the progress of this couple. More importantly, I am so lucky to be able to answer this question:

“ I love my husband/wife, but I am just not in love with him/her. Is there a chance for us?”

The answer is “yes, there is always a chance as long as you want it. It is not easy, but it can happen.”

Marriage is not a smooth ride. Marriage is like a journey. There will be bumps on the road. A lot of times, couples don’t recover from small bumps, and it becomes big wound on both of the partners. However, I saw them face their wound and help each other heal from those wounds that they didn’t think it was possible to heal.

Take Away Point: Consistency and Practice

More importantly, this couple made me so humble. I asked myself: “Can you practice something over and over again for six months?” I am not sure if I can. I remembered going to the training or conference and feeling great with tons of skills and new information. I set up goals to do something with the new materials. Then, a month later, those training materials are in the piles of the papers.

I wish them the best for their future. And, thank you for allowing me to be part of your healing journey.

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